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Does the P7 series feed any holopoints reliably?

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Is there any holopoint ammo that the P7 series pistols will feed reliably?
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I've had no problems running Hornady TAP (147gr if I remember right...not at home right now) through mine.
yes , i use speer gold dot 124 +p no problems
and i have used silver tips and i have used cor-bon with no problems
I have fed my shooter P7M8 many different types of hollowpoint ammo (from every manufacture) without a single problem. It is my most reliable gun and eats anything that I feed it. It seems to like Speer Gold Dot 124+p the best as my best groupings are with that ammo.
Are there any hollowpoints the P7 won't feed? I've never found any. As long as it's factory ammo and not Billy Bob's reloads, the P7 will work with it. My experience is that the point of impact changes with different bullet weights, especially the 147s (in all fairness, most other pistols aren't accurate enough to even notice that the group 1" off at 15yds)
My P7s have never had a misfeed...period, in the ten or so different brands, weights and bullets I've run through them.
Permit me to add Remington Golden Saber BJHPs to all of the above.
I have seen Ranger SXT 127 +p+ fail to feed in more than one P7M8. They basically jam between the breech face and the side of the barrel. It seemed to me that the average jam rate was around 1 in 200 rnds. I also remember some 147 grain corbon ammo jamming in one also(long time ago). A bit of work on the feed ramp should solve the problem. Generally I am hesitant to rely Hollow points in an M8.

P7m13's on the other hand will feed hollowpoints all day long, but they can fail to eject very hot rounds.

If you are going to rely on a gun, its important to test it in your own hands with the specific ammo that you will use. I had a new P7M8 that would not stay cocked when I shot it, but it worked just fine when my wife shot it. I even went so far that i taped the squeeze cocker in place to make sure it was not some failure on my part to keep it squeezed. Even taped down, it would not stay cocked when I shot it, but worked fine for my wife.
There was a thread years back about Corbon being a problem in P7's due to the powder they were using, unsupported chamber, stuck cases, something to that effect... You might want to do a search for this.
I've run the Ranger & Hornady 147's in both my M8's & M13's without a hitch. Same with the lighter Gold dots. FWIW, I've noticed less perceived recoil with the heavier loads. I've never had any malfunctions in any of the P7's I've owned over the years...knock on wood.
"Thank you" to everyone who has responded to the question.

Here is a little background. I was asking on behalf of a friend who wants to carry a P7 he has as an undercover gun. He asked me because he has indeed tried several brands of holopoint ammo and had some malfunctions with it. I told him that I would post the question on this board to find out more info for him.

I will forward on the reccomendations suggested here.
Assuming the weapon is in good repair and has a clean bore and clean, unobstructed gas tube, there should be NO problem feeding hollowpoints from any of the good quality ammo manufacturers. Out of eleven years as a Peace Officer, I've carried a P7M13 for the majority of those years as my duty weapon. I own four P7x-series weapons and I generally carry CorBon DPX 9mm 115gr +P rounds. I've carried CorBon since before they partnered with the DPX product too. Never a lick of trouble.

Other hollowpoints I've carried and fired reliably are the Remington Golden Sabre 9mm 124gr +P; Winchester SXT 124gr 9mm; and Winchester SXT 9mm 147gr. Again--never any problem. The only time I've ever encountered any feeding problems with a P7x-series weapon is when the gas tube is allowed to become cruddy. Food for thought.
They seem to like 124 gr. ammo from the threads I have read in the past and reports from shooters. I would suspect that is because the gun is designed for the round. I have never had any problem with any ammo in my P7M8 including xtreme shok AFR frangible and other kinds of sintered frangible ammo that other guns seem to not like.
I've had problems with Ranger 127 grain +P+ JHP in two different P-7M8s. In both cases I was seeming failures to feed at least every two magazines.
I have carried an M13 for years (15+ in Law Enforc) at work and have fed just about every kind of hollow point through it and never had problems! I like H-shocks, CorBon, and Golden sabres and I can't even imagine how many 1000's of rounds it's been... lol and it's an awesome gun, you should be good with yours. Same with my M8 shooter as well...gottta love H&K! Just remember the slide gets wicked HOT a the range when your shooting alot of rounds qucikly and you forget...and your doing tactical drills... and you grab that slide to rack it or do clearing drills lol you will not forget the next time to wear gloves!

Just like Diesel said above...if these guns are in proper should be fine!
Here is a photo of the P7M8 chamber, the area circled in red is where a hollowpoint can hangup when feeding. The deeper the notching around the hollowpoint the greater the chance that bullet can catch in those spots.
The next photo is of the P7m13 chamber, note that area has been removed and the chamber is under cut.

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I am pretty shy about using hollowpoints in them, I prefer JSP's. The failure rate I quoted (1 in 200) is too high for me. Plus it is a lot of different rounds from lots of different brands to shoot till you find one that is more reliable.

My guess is that this problem is more of an issue in some P7M8's than others, I wager that even slight offset in the feed ramp or barrel location/position could amplify this issue. I think that it's probably solved readily with a bit of polishing on the feed ramp and barrel edges.

If I had a new gun that exhibited this problem frequently I would send it back to HK and have them fix it.
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