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Does the reticule visibily move on a Z24 while adjusting turrets?

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I can hear audible clicks but looking through the scope, it doesn't appear that the reticule is moving. If you own a z24 please chime in.
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That would make sense. I tested the scope today. The scope is a brand new Hensoldt Z24. It zeroed fine and the rifle proved very accurate.
Yep, that scope was made in Germany so it has to work properly. The Germans would never make any product that does not work. It would embarrass them. My daughter and her family have been living in Germany for five years now. I hear stories every month about the cultural differences between Germany and America. Perfection is the standard for Germans.

You might get ridiculed for calling it a reticule.:wink:
Funny line, but actually the word can be spelled "reticle" or "reticule". Either way is correct.
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