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Downloading USP 40 mags?

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I went shooting yesterday and brought my USP 40 LEM full size duty weapon. I had approx. 3 failure to feeds on the last round of my magazines.... the mags are the ones I carry on duty and have the Lone Wolf + mag springs installed. Now I'm wondering, should I download 1 round in all my duty mags to help stop this from happening? What would cause a last round ftf with the stronger mag springs? Dirty ammo? I know the gun was pristine when I started but we were shooting Tn Cartridge Co. reloads....

Any help fellas?
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could be ammo
could be riding the slide with your thumb
could be dirty
could be one of the mags that does not stack right every time, I have one that will stack wrong and only take 9 rounds sometimes, just empty it and refill it
could be limp wrist but I don't think that is a real problem
could be springs. Springs are the most likely reason
I agree that downloading to one less round will make no difference.
and yes absolutely you should test with some duty ammo
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