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Downloading USP 40 mags?

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I went shooting yesterday and brought my USP 40 LEM full size duty weapon. I had approx. 3 failure to feeds on the last round of my magazines.... the mags are the ones I carry on duty and have the Lone Wolf + mag springs installed. Now I'm wondering, should I download 1 round in all my duty mags to help stop this from happening? What would cause a last round ftf with the stronger mag springs? Dirty ammo? I know the gun was pristine when I started but we were shooting Tn Cartridge Co. reloads....

Any help fellas?
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I doubt it's ammo related, it's a magazine problem.

The chances of having 3 FTC, all on the last round, 3 times in a row isn't going to happen without something else being at fault. QC with ammo these days is too tight.

Your mag springs need to be replaced.

Get some new springs, clean your mags, and all should be well.

I'm thinking the spring isn't strong enough and it's not pushing the last round up fast enough as the slide is coming forward. This would make sense, since it's only on the last round, when spring tension is at it's lowest.
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