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Dura Coat - Opinions ?

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Hey folks, wonder if I could get some advice.. I have an AA (2000) 45 cal Full size USP that is a great gun.

I bought it used from a LEO.. so it has some holster wear. I want to "spiff" it up a bit and thought about the HK black dura coat....I bought it right, and plan on keeping it.

Would you recommend Dura Coat- or does that "cheapen" the value of the gun..

What's your feeling?
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If you plan on keeping it for yourself, I wouldn't think twice about it. However, if you plan on re-selling it, I'd do one of two things. A: Refinish it the correct way, which could be expensive but depending on the internals it might be worth it. Or B: I would leave it as it is.

The problem is, if you plan on re-selling, they buyer will look at the piece and wonder what the dura coat is covering. Dura coat is fairly cheap fix and may set off a red flag in the buyers mind.

I know if I was buying a used gun with a brand new dura coat finish, I'd be wondering what was underneath.
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