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Eight SP5Ks for $2150 At Grab a Gun (30 Rounders)

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GrabAGun has eight left in stock. Just a heads up that what would appear to be the lowest price on 30 round HK SP5K Pistols. Shipping is a flat rate of $8. I had no problems getting mine from GrabAGun, they shipped two day FedEx. And no upcharge for using a credit card.

KY Gun Company has them for $2171, free shipping, but that is a cash only price, 3% add on for CC use.

Bud's is next at $2200, but they are reserved for Bud Team Members only at this point.

Just saying, if you had a hankering for one, it may be a smart move to buy now.

Of course, HK could be announcing a completely USA compliant manufacture of the MP5K here in the USA at SHOT and then we may be crying.

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