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Hello everyone. I recently got my hands on a new mp5, however the markings are really confusing me. It has EN mp5 stamped all capital letters running together, a serial number and then a date code in letters, ( made in 1980 ) but it has german proof marks like on HK firearms and no british stamps or markings, it has the nitro stamp and the ulm proof house mark. If anyone can help with identifying where and how it came to have these convoluted marking id very much appreciate it.
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Enfield by Royal Ordnance Factory
so made by enfield for the germans ?
or the other way around ?
Enfield for English.

I've got some information on the En MP5 and the EN MP5. Although these MP5s reference being made in the UK some were actually made by HK Germany made and assembled in the UK to avoid trade embargos with various countries. If so, they would be highly collectible as well as worth a ton of cash. See the links below:

Sniper rifles supplied to Serbs despite sanctions - News - The Independent

The Sleazy State: Royal Ordnance 'exported weapons to East Germany': Arms deals - UK - News - The Independent

The above mentioned will have be stamped En MP5 and highly controversial.

There were MP5s made by ROF under official HK license but they resembled this one (EN MP5):

Deactivated Enfield Made Heckler & Koch MP5 Old Spec - Modern Deactivated Guns - Deactivated Guns

This one listed above is a good find but not as good as the controversial ones references in the upper two links. The controversial ones were manufactured in 85 and 86 and although they are stamped En (with a lowercase N) MP5, they were manufactured by HK only to be assembled by Enfield to avoid trade sanctions on Germany. Good stuff."

See original post here:
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Enfield would have stamped them after they inspected the weapons, standard for any equipment particularly firearms coming into most nations service. You can see those markings on lend lease brownings or at least ones serviced/upgraded/rebuilt while in English service.
i have seen several "EN" MP5 sold as deacts in the mid 90´s , some came with the SEF lower while others came with "U-R-J " lowers , all of them came with the yugoslavian seal and the "YU"prefix before the number, german proof markings were present , date code was HH (1977) , they had telescopic stocks and slim forearms .....color was hk blue/gray/black, magazine housings were marked with "Kal 9mm" , they looked german made to me , quality was there , i have been told that these were from a lot never exported to yugoslavia due to the war embargo
Nothing technical to add.

But I have to express appreciation for the depth of historical and technical knowledge in residence here.
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