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There have been a number of handgun threads on the subject of engraving; There has also been a lot of ridicule on the subject. I have had one of my handguns engraved (its still at Fords actually), and here is my take on it.

If you are going to engrave something on your gun, make it something meaningful to you, and then step back and think how will you like it 20 years from now? Would it embarrass you to explain it to a stranger at the range or a coworker (if you work armed).

I will use myself as an example, and if people disagree with me then so be it, I have thick skin and tend to think I wont go cryin home to my old lady about it. I had the following quote engraved on one of my carry guns "Si vis pacem, para bellum" which is a Latin adage that translates to, "If you seek peace, prepare for war" Now, I knew buying this gun that I wanted it refinished and I knew I wanted to personalize it.

The reason I chose this phrase to engrave was simple, it fit me and it felt natural. I used to work in an environment where I was required to be armed, I also currently travel quite frequently to areas where bad things tend to happen it would be foolish not to be armed. What I find myself doing when Im not working now that I am not used to being armed ALL the time is leaving my carry gun in the safe when going to the store or somewhere "safe". I have also started to slack off in the training department for various reasons both due to injury and lack of motivation. The hope is that during those moments that I am going to put my gun from the nightstand to the safe because I dont feel like carrying or how silly it might seem to take a gun to go shopping, I will remember the phrase and what it means to me and think better of it.

Now for the HK purists, this defacement of the gun is unconscionable no matter the reason, which is perfectly fine, because it isnt their gun. However, again if I had any reservations about explaining to a perfect stranger what this phrase meant or if it did not have significant meaning to me, there is no way I would have it engraved. Sure, I too asked others opinions on the phrase before I sent it off to Ford's, but what really matters is what it means to me. If what you are thinking of engraving doesnt mean something special to you, or if you would have any reservation about explaining your motives to yourself a favor and skip the engraving.
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