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Expert .45 REPORT

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So. Hey guys.

I reached 1600 rounds today on my new Expert .45 that I got in December. I haven't shot for oh ... 3 weeks!!! I know, I know, too long.

My range had an ammo sale yesterday and unfortunately my preferred range ammo (WWB) was sold out. They just had PMC (Korean made?), which I've shot before but have experienced malfunctions with in the past on this gun. I experienced 2 malfunctions. One was a failure to feed, the other was a bad primer.. we're talking completely dead. Our beloved 2nd strike capability didn't matter! Tap - racked it out of there and I was good henceforth.

I shot 350 rounds of that PMC .45 ACP (don't know weight) through 5 targets. 3 like the ones shown below, and 2 of the FBI silhouette. I had decent results being a little rusty. Starting to finally get a handle on this gun and realize how truly wonderful the USP Expert is!

Each of the 2 targets below had 10 rounds put through it. One target at roughly 12 yards. The other around 14 yards.

All shots fired with isosceles stance and thumbs forward grip. These two targets were shot at a moderate pace.. maybe 3-6 seconds between shots.

Be easy on me guys! I'm a little out of practice!

Overall impressions are more positive than ever. HK quality and build truly hit me today. And i'm itching for another range visit. Next week seems like a good time to go!

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Thanks guys! I hope to improve on it. I'm just now starting to feel like I'm getting a better handle on this gun. I had shot semi autos less than regularly (having owned a couple problem 1911's and a Glock I can't hit the broad side of a barn with). But I was always a revolver guy. But I'm really starting to appreciate the beauty of this particular gun. Getting a feel for proper grip and trigger pull. It really hit me how nice this Match trigger is. And I'm loving the sights so much. You could say the first 1200 rounds or so (prior to this range visit) were pretty much getting acquainted with the gun.

2009Camaro- I hear you. I can get a little excited too! I think part of my problem has been just not having proper and comfortable form.. So that always resulted in racing through it and getting sloppy.

TooSixy- Thank you! Appreciate the kind words. It's kind of intimidating posting target pics on a forum with experienced marksman. I've seen the groups you guys get at far longer distances than I was shooting!
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