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First time at the range since getting home. Took only the Expert in 45 and newly shortened Benelli M1s90 for simplicity sake today (Christmas Eve).

Fired 200 rounds mostly on DA. No malfunctions of any kind. Key-holing at 7 yards. YAdda yadda yeah the weapon fires every time I pull the trigger.

HK marked Benelli M1s90
Fired 20 rifled slugs and 20 '00' buck. Recoil is significantly reduced and overall the shotgun is more enjoyable to shoot. Double taps and emptying the entire magazine are controllable and atleast now a less abusive option for me. Functionally the gun fires as fast as before, fits me personally, and now that its in my hands I'm glad I did it myself.

M1s90 LOP and Recoil Pad Installation
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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