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extended mag release for carry or duty ?

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my friend is a police officer and carries a HK. I told hiom about the extended mag release. he said they he wont use one for fear that his gear or seatbelt would release the mag at a time he doesnt want it to. I thought that made sense....until I installed the ext mag release on my ownHK. i think it would be very hard to accidently drop a mag.
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I have the extended mag release on my USPCs. My holster covers my trigger guard and the mag release. It would be virtually impossible for gear or a seatbelt to release the mag release, extended or regular. Maybe his holster sucks and he needs a better one?
maybe - I think he was just trained with the mindset "don't modify your gun". maybe a dept policy?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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