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Extractor Springs

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I've had my DJ Getz MP5's for 2 years now. While I absolutely love them, Navy and K, I've gone through a few extractor springs. I'm on my 4th for the Navy, and just dropped my 2nd in the K. While I did get a few extra extractor springs from Getz, they're the copper variant.

I'm looking into the rifle extractor springs for the guns. Are they truly better than the copper springs? And is there a difference between the HK91 & HK93 extractor springs? Thanks in advance
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Yes. Every time you take the extractor spring out, you reduce the amount of tension it puts on the extractor. It's basically something that you need to leave in place unless you are planning on replacing it. You don't need to clean under the extractor every time you clean the weapon; it's a deep-cleaning only practice, once every several thousand rounds.

I put in a gray extractor in my SW5 (fullsize MP5 clone) and have not had any issues since. My Zenith has the copper spring, but I'm planning on replacing that one with a gray extractor too once it wears out.
Ok, that gives me a lot of insight. After Getz changed the original extractor spring, I'd took the extractor and spring out to clean each time. Going off what you guys said, there's a good chance that's was happened to extractor spring #2 and #3 in the Navy, and probably helped to kill the K gun spring.

In regards to cleaning was Getz correct about the frequency of cleaning?
I typically clean my clones after every range outing, especially if I'm using a suppressor, but this is definitely not necessary. I just do it to prevent excessive amounts of carbon from building up in the trunnion and on the bolt head. I haven't really shot a ton of rounds through my clones without cleaning, so you might have to ask someone more experienced about that. But from what I've seen, you would only need to deep clean once every several thousand rounds.
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