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F/S HK P2000SK 9mm

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Back for sale as committed buyer had to back out since it was not allowed in his hometown. H&K P2000SK 9mm, original V2 LEM sent to Jesse @ HK to make light LEM. Trijicon HD Night sights. Under 100 rounds fired and in like new condition. $725. Thanks and good shooting, Rey
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Would you consider a trade in a sig p227r carry .45 with iwb rh holster and 3 mags , with night sights and box with contents?
Steve, thank you for the offer but I am looking to sell outright. Rey
Gun is still available. Rey
Hey Rey

Any interest in a trade for a new P30 SKS with Trijicon HD night sights?

Msg sent

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Gun is sold pending payment to IVIAX. Thanks to all who inquired. Good shooting, Rey
thanks buddy.
Deal fell thru as this gun is not allowed in iviax city/state. Gun is available for purchase. Thanks and good shooting, Rey
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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