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F/S: PTR32 KFR Gen2

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Selling my ptr 32 kfr. I have fired about 1000 rounds through it with zero cosmetic blemishes or mechanical issues. I bought it not even 6 months ago so there's plenty of warranty left on it if for some reason the buyer has any issues with it, but I have had none besides some light strikes when i first got it, but according to PTR that is just part of the break in process and has since cleared up completely. I have installed a key mod fore-end and a adjustable Choate folding stock that I modified to put a QD sling attachment in.
I have all the original parts, case, two 30rnd pmags, and one 10 round steel mag that will be included. I have cleaned it after every use as per PTR's recommend procedure. Cycles great and is pretty much broken in.
I shot it at 400 yards a couple weeks ago and Rang a 12" gong with a red dot (not included) easily with brown bear steel.

Asking $1,000. buyer pays shipping

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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