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FA test shoot of new SP89 /MP5k Getz Firearms gun...vid

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Gun shot great with Fleming sear pack in SEF, with and without stocks.

Didn't like straight mag as much as the factory curved 30s.

Couldnt test my can with it b/c different threads. Need adapter from Bowers for that I guess.

Here are HK vids. with a couple of virgin shoot of my RLL in Colt (mill work and timing by M60Joe....ran 100% BTW).

Between the Getz gun, factory SP89, and Dakota Tactical MP5k rev. stretch...we put 1,000 rounds down range.
One of the best shooting days lately to be honest....finally got the guns running appropriately. Now they go back int the safe...and I start working on the next problem gun, the Group Uzi. No rest for the weary!

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Could not get into your account .... one of these days we need to set you up with your own website (I can host it on the back end of one of mine and for less than a $1 a month we can get you your own domain name ... but more than three letters ;-).
JT...dang, really? couldnt see those vids. I just did. Hmm. Sometimes I hate 'puters.

LilMac....I don't know the answer to your question. I dont have any history with TB. Just heard stories. I have been very happy with my DGF Mp5k performance. In fact I shot about 500 rounds thru it this weekend at Oxford MG shoot. Left my factory MP5k/SP89 on the table unfired all weekend. Dave has been very customer friendly to me in fact. Disclosure-I'm not pumping anyone and have no ties to him other than one gun purchase.


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