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Factory HK91 with side folding stock?

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I've been put in contact with a guy that is selling an HK91 with a side folding stock. He says the gun came from the factory with the side folder. Did HK ever produce a 91 with a side folder stock? My first thought is no but I want to verify before making a fool of myself. thanks!
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See if you can get some pics. They may have a PTR which could have come with a Choate folder, or they could have their terminology messed up and have HK91 with a retractable stock (A3). The was a run of side folders with the scorpion logo embossed from PTR.



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Define "factory"? HK GmbH where the HK91's we made? - never happened OR
HK Inc in the US (US distributor) where there were some Choate side-folding stocks used there for T&E and demo purposes. The rifle could have been one of those demo guns that was sold as a used gun with the Choate stock. IT WAS NOT made/assembled that way in Germany.
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