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Tax Refund should be coming within the week, and I'm doing some final pricing on USP45c's. I've found some great prices around Gun Broker, Impact Guns, etc. However, I'm curious about this:

This is a USP45c with Factory Installed Night Sights for $879.99. Great price, in my opinion. But, what sights does the factory use? Trijicon? Mepro? My dad has Trijicons on his Glock 22, and I really like them (not the Glock so much). It's only $30 more than an non-NS'd USP45c, so I'm curious if they're some sort of "budget/cheap" night sights.

I'll link both the pistols:

USP Compact .45ACP, Night Sights
USP Compact .45ACP

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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