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Finally a custom holster for my P30S

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Well I searched for a long time and I couldn't find anything I really liked that didn't have a 16+ week wait. I found a local kydex holster maker at a LGS and he did an outstanding job! It's one of my most comfortable holsters I own (Comparing it to 2 Ravens and 6+ Bladetech Phantom Eclipses). The thickness of the kydex is great and the way he rounded the edge where the slide and barrel end is better than anything I've seen! He also said if I wanted to add my X300 he'd make another holster for me and with a weekend wait time it was the best scenario for someone impatient like myself :100000:

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Looks great--- how is it comfort-wise??? :wink:

That does look nice...and really nice pics!! I've been eyeing the White Hat holsters as a choice for my P30s. How much did you pay?
I paid 70.00 for the holster, for me it's just as good as my Ravens/Eclipses and the thickness is a little thicker so only time will tell how durable it is. The strange thing about the comfort is it's more comfortable than any holster I own, maybe it's the gun/holster combo but it carries better than my G23 and G27 that have had their place on my hip for years. This gun hides under a t shirt ok but with an over shirt or sweatshirt it disappears. I'll be going back for one for my P30 with X300 and for my other HKs and Glocks.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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