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Finally back to HK force with new VP9 - Customization?

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As a first timer on HKPRO forum, I am really excited to report that I am finally back to HK family with a newly acquired VP9. My first HK pistol was USP 45 Tactical that I had almost decade ago and it has serviced me very, very well. I recently purchased a VP9 after trying out at the local shooting range and instantly fell in love with this "almost perfect" pistol. After few range sessions with it, I couldn't resist a temptation to make some customization for my liking, such as stippling on grip, slide milling modification, trigger mod and such. So I stripped the gun apart and sent parts to various different professionals throughout the country to begin making my "perfect" pistol.

Are there members here can share their knowledge and information about different modification on this pistol? Don't get me wrong, stock VP9 is nothing but fantastic, but I'd like to hear from experienced pros on this forum on how to make this gun even "better" and personalized.

Here is my first mod that nicely coming along- Grip Stippling.
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Besides FO comp sights, I haven't done much cosmetic work to mine. I'm very interesting in stippling work, just haven't pulled the trigger cuz there's no going back after. I have done extensive trigger work tho. Trigger pull is very smooth and breaks under 3.5lbs.
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