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Finally found me an "old" P7

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I have had a few (10-15) differen't P7's throughout the years most of which have been mid to late 80s and newer production M8's (2000's.) I have always wanted won of those old "shiney" slide P7's I saw as a kid. When the Lower Saxony guns hit the streets I bought my share but none ever really hit the spot. Today while looking over the used case at my local gun shop I found my unicorn. A nearly mint condtion IB date code commercial P7 in the factory box with all the paperwork and flat grips to boot. I am a happy boy. Now to get me some nice Nill grips for the protruding mag release :D

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That is one pretty pistol you got there I'm jealous haha

Look Sharp, Act Sharp, Be Sharp.
How much did you end up paying? Beautiful gun !
Wish I could just do the same thing here.... But tough to find one those here. Great find!
I traded a Springfield EMP straight up for it.
I traded a Springfield EMP straight up for it.
You got a good deal there. Hard to find these babies in stores to actually look over and make sure that they are as good as some sellers say. Good find!
Nice find...what a beauty...congrats!!!
Very nice!
Wow! That is in VERY nice condition. Congratulations!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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