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Finally getting into HK clone long guns in California

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I acquired a lightly used December, 2000 Special Weapons SW5A HK94A2 clone (cast receiver, plastic lower, paddle release) and new PTR-91FR CA (18" bull barrel, top 1913 rail, fore-end with attachable rails, plastic lower)

I joined the hkpro forum to draw on the collective wisdom if I'm disappointed but not surprised when my new guns don't run flawlessly like the USP 40 I've owned since 1994.

California Gunmageddon stepped up my time table on the HK 91 and HK 94 I've always wanted from "someday" to "before January 1st, 2017" with completing my purchases prudent before The Big Panic of 2016 makes The Panic of 2012 look like a buyer's market.

While less than ideal, those deals seemed like OK compromises on legality, functionality, availability, and budget.

Given the plain English reading of our new laws, once the DOJ's regulations are finalized around May, 2017 I hope to legally reinstall the SW5A's regular magazine release parts and upgrade the PTR to a paddle release. Some day I might want my 94A2 clone updated to an HK34 configuration.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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