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Finally shot my p7m8

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And i love it! Thought it couldn't get much better than my p9s but i suppose its much easier to use the 3 dot sights. Was also worried about having to hold the squeeze cocker without shaking or moving but seemed to not affect my shooting at all. This was my one full mag at 15 yards using cheap Magtech 115gr fmj. Will try to get to a range this week and get some more practice. Also need to get new tritium tubes for the sites and some Nill grips but other than those 2 things i wouldnt change anything about this pistol. Wish i could have similar sights on my p9s so i could have an equal comparison.


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Great shooting! They are fantastic guns! I think if HK modernized them somehow they would sell like crazy even today. They are perfect the way they are other then needing a good set of night sights. But market always wants something new.
Thanks for the report--- nice placement!!! :biggrin:

They are great to shoot. They are literally tack drivers - when we're about ready to pack up to leave the range, we see how many shots it will take to make each other's targets fall off the stand by shooting the tacks out of the corners. It's usually not more than 6 shots or so, a few times have done it in just 4.
And i love it!
Of course you do!!
Meets my idea of "Gun Control". Nice
I've wanted to own one of these for quite some time and another shiny object consistently gets in the way. I've waited...and they're now selling north of $2k....damn.
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