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such a great vid....but som observations....

delta... not cool to comment on how big there "package" is :p:p:p hahaha no f**k in hell there carryin an awful lot after the kit jump and then to cross country ski... double hard b*****ds !!

id hate to have been the guy under the ladder on the house assault ... 7 years bad luck :p:p

irish special forces gove over to them to do there night and halo/haho jump ... i was told of a swed doin a kit jump with so much weight that his main shoot disintergrated on opening... lucky it slowed him down enough that his resreve worked.... it was lucky that the leg of his pants were tucked into his boot ... the smell of sh*t was unreal... :p:p:p:p
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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