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First day at range with P30sk and..

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I really enjoy it. Only problem I had with it was, 2 times, the gun failed to lock back after shooting the last round. I think I read on here that could be a problem with your grip. I did break it down and clean it before hand but I'm sure I put it back together right lol I mean it was shooting fine other than those 2 mishaps. I switched from shooting a Glock so the hand placement was a little tricky. The way I was having to hold my hands felt like it was gonna fly out my hand at some points. I think on this 2nd 50, I just started over thinking the grip and everything. I just need more practice I'm sure. I'm still fairly new to pistols. I was using the 3D printed pinky extension and the gun felt great overal thoughl. Any tips or advice on my shooting greatly appreciated. I'll include the targets. Both targets range from 2 yards to 6 yards.


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I have the USP45 Compact, and I love it!. It too felt like it was going to flip out of my hands until I learned how she behaved...It is dead on accurate....Good purchase, you will not regret it...
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