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First Gun: Does It Exist?

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Long time lurker, first time poster:

After three layoffs, between the wife and myself, in 2 years, I've been cleared to get a gun with my Tax return. I've been researching for months now, and have settled on a USPc .45APC LEM (EIEIO, ESPN, etc.).

However... I've never found, or even heard it discussed.

Does H&K make a factory pistol such as this, or will I have to purchase a V7 DAO and install the LEM Trigger myself?
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With some looking you should be able to get a USPc 45 in LEM just fine. You will have to find one, most of the ones I have seen for sale are V1's. You may be able to find an HK45c LEM easier, but if you are really into the USP then it might take some looking. You can always buy the pistol and get the LEM trigger later.
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