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Thanks to all the information here from all of you, I was able to do my homework and really find a beauty of a specimen. She was purchased from Perkiomen Gunworks @ Perkiomen Gunworks - Home $555.00 with shipping. Came with a box and 2 mags. Joe the owner had a ton of good feedback dating back to 2000 so I felt confident in the raw purchase. I waited which seemed like eternity (5 days if we count the weekend!) and she arrived yesterday, picked up early evening.

Checked her out at my LGS at pickup. The finish looks almost 100%! I detected 1 small nick on top of the slide, near the ejection port. The grips have a few nicks and scratches, I'd say 95%. Internally, the only wear I found was some normal slide wear at the rail area, I'd say 90-95%. Bolt group/hammer, etc all looked 95%. Perkiomen's review and description was right on. I tried out a few snap caps at the shop, ejection and feed perfect.

The box appears to be an HK P9 box with the label removed and the P9s info added. I heard this was because they produced so many P9 boxes at the time? No book or target or shell. I brought the beautiful lady home.

A few weeks ago I acquired a Walther P-1 and she turned out real nice after I cleaned her up real good. It's a favorite thing I like to do once I get a new firearm, clean it up, examine the parts and interactions, etc. Well, I didn't even have to clean the P9s up, it was already immaculately kept. I did my wipe down and exam regardless. SN# 1003xx Date code looks to be 1976, only code on the flip side. Lots of 415 "batwing" emblems on the main side of slide, also a strange looking S or a 5 with a few micro lines through it. I'll be researching this further.

Take down was a breeze. I had her field stripped like I've always had her. The barrel outside chrome has a few little wear areas, but are smooth. Inside the barrel looks ultra clean, especially after I ran a swab through to wipe out any excess lubricant.

I read about the odd de-cocking method before picking it up. It did not make sense until I had it in hand and tried it. Now it make's good sense and I find it is not as crazy as it first sounded to be. Just gotta make sure the sequence is correct! I was also concerned for a minute that the trigger could still be pulled while on safe, as I never had a firearm that did that before, but quickly learned the truth.

I tried a few of my Walther P-1/P38 magazines in the HK P9s, feeding with snap caps and they worked just as well as the 2 very clean and unused HK mags that came with it. I heard that they did work so I thought I'd give it a try. It does not work in reverse however, the HK mags are just a little too big to fit inside the Walther.

I ordered 5 additional magazines from, they arrived today and look spectacular. I'll try them with snap caps tonight, I cannot see them having any issues at all. They look identical to the HK mags except the follower is darker. I also placed an order with Blade-Tech and ordered their Ultimate Concealed Holster for the HK P9s. Should have that in several weeks.

I have a new buffer ordered from Adam at HKparts, tracking shows it should be here tomorrow. I'll swap that out tomorrow night and if all goes well, I will be hitting my range Saturday for us to get acquainted with each other.

Finally! Here are a few pictures of the new member, again my first real deal 100% HK. It's like I crossed the Rubicon or something, there is no going back now!!! Thanks again for all the years of advice and knowledge that HKPro and it's members provide.

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