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First Suppressor threading options

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I have a SWR "Omega" that came with my MP5K. Is there a way to determine what the threading is so I can understand what pistol options are available. It is fitted with a Gemtech 3 lug. Any advice on understanding in general the options of a suppressor to allow it's use on more than one weapon is appreciated!
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just email the manuf. generally, the popular threading is 1/2 x 28...but it's certainly possible that it is 1/2 x 32, though unlikely. otherwise bring to an experienced machinest and they could probably tell you in a few mins after they perform a quick thread measure.

though it may fit on a pistol, function may not be optimum as the back pressures tend to wreak havoc on semiauto pistol until a device is used to equalize pressure. look up nielsen device.
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