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First time at range with HK45 compact.

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Today was great, was first in line at the indoor range and got my bay sorted out. I brought my used HK45c I bought from a guy on Hkpro here and when I got the weapon the rear site had slide to the side it was pushed way over , i think it happened in shipping only guess. Anyways I centered the rear site at home and got it as close as possible. I also brought with my G21sf. So note to self - Bring speed loader and get an extra magazine because It really sucks ass shooting 8 shots and then reloading my thumb hates me now - sent 70 rounds in the HK45c down range. I sent 30 in the Glock 21. I started off at 15 ft mark and shot a few rounds hit the paper and tried to adjust, I then moved the target to 21 foot and after a few rounds my shoots started to drift down and left :( So yeah first few are close to on target - then I start to drift. I asked one of the Range masters to check my sites on my HK and he grabbed a wrist bench - to hold the firearm in place and his hands to remove the human body error out of it. he put the target 40ft away and grouped 4 shots with in 1" of center, so he said its just fine! lol I was like **** my life now....I can't shoot. Its been over a month since I shot my Glock 21 for the first time and about 15 years since I last shot a hand gun before that. So getting back on the horse is fun. Anyways make a long story short - I had a facking blast, meet a new friend, and now looking to get as much ammo and range time as possible. The bay next to me was occupied with 2 guys one was using a full size HK45 or USP I couldn't make out the markings as it was semi dark in the bays. Handed one of them my last new target as I was leaving.

My First shots

Ended the day with this \/

First few rounds where on target - then last few just drifting. I was using my left eye closed dom right eye to site. Right arm straight left arm slight bent , thumbs aligned method.
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Glad to hear you like it. I got my HK45C 2 months ago and I love it! Keep shooting and enjoy!
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