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First time out with the hk45CT

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Took the 45CT out to the range today for the first time, and of course she shoots great. 0 FTF's and 0 FTE's. Completely flawless, not to mention very accurate. I'm sure it will shoot tighter groups once I get used to it, but I am more than happy with it considering it was the first time out. Recoil is much less than my Kimber Pro Carry. Great pistol for you 45 lovers out there!
Here it is

and here are the targets, the top left was 10 rounds at 25ft, top right is 20 rounds at 25ft (the flyer at the bottom was the first round). The bottom left is 10 rounds at 50ft, the bottom right is 20 rounds at 50ft.

Be kind, I'm no pro! :D
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