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I took out my newly acquired HK45 Tactical to see how it felt compared to my USP45 Tactical.

Both have the LEM trigger. The USP being a match/hybrid LEM.

Needless to say, the HK45T is fantastic! Mine has Heinie straight 8 sights and they are spot on. I really love these sights and may convert my USP to them from the Meps Adjustable sights, now on it. I need more range time to decide.
The HK45T feels great in the hands. Target acquisition was quick and the trigger is really nice in LEM. Like the USP, its a relatively soft shooter. You feel the 45 after some mags, I shot 200rds between the two and you can tell you were shooting more than a 9mm. However, when firing, the HK45T is more tame IMO than any 9.

The USPT45 with the hybrid trigger is sweet as well. While I have extra large paws and handle the USP series well. I did notice more comfort in the hand using the HK45 with its contoured grip. The hybrid trigger may be a tad more smooth but the HK45 has had little rounds through it and the USPT is well broken in like butter, so I need to run the HK45T more to give a fair comparison. If there is a difference, it is marginal at best. Both are fine triggers.

Both ran fast and stayed within a 5 inch mass at 20 yards. With my HK 45s I like to fire at least 6 or more shots rapidly. The HK45T did this with a smile. My pattern was actually tighter with the HK45 than the USP45. Both are there but the HK45 a bit tighter.

My Octane is still in NFA jail so I'll have to wait a few more months before I can see them run with it on.

I'll say this. Either one obtained will make you smile. I had first acquired the USPT and being a huge fan of the USP, I jumped at the USPT first. Most owners will tell you flat out the USPT wins over the HK45. However, I dispel that here. The HK45T is no slouch at all and side by side, it actually feels more comfortable. The real test will be when I get to try them suppressed.

The Heinie straight 8s are great. I like the old school iron/iron for daylight use. At night, the 8s tritium could be brighter for my taste.

There is no way I would give up either tactical. They are both fantastic. If you truly want a great HK, pick up the one you prefer and you will love it, no doubt.

The only way I would ever trade off this HK45T would be if it were for a green frame. Yet even then I'd be inclined to keep the black and add the green to my collection. Why sell or trade one when you could have both.

Conclusion: Get yourself a 45 Tactical HK! Choose the flavor you wish. They are both great!

Here is a little eye candy of the two used in this report.

HK45T-EM-LW-100.jpg HKUSPT45LW1sc.jpg

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Both a fine pistols, and I think I like the balance of the HK45T over the standard model. Though I run them both well, I like the longer barrel and tactical sights on the HK45T's. I have to say I hate with an unadulterated passion any adjustable sights, especially black ones (I haven't tried the adj meps yet, but I still don't like adj sights). I'm about to change the USP9 SD I have recently acquired to either straight 8's or Trijicon HD's. Either way.

But you are correct, I have yet to fire a "Tactical" HK I didn't like.
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