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Flash Hider ?

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In yalls oppion whats the best flash hider, to buy that would make a 14.5 inch barrel legal to 16 in , after welding it on or staking it on. Would want the flash hider to be capable to have a suppressor rdy also.

any suggestions or links would be great thanks.
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I prefer Gemtech Bi-locks.

But that's also because I run a Gemtech Suppressor.

My advise would be to figure out which company you want to get a suppressor from first, and then look at their flash hider options for the model of suppressor that you wish to purchase.

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I would have said AAC's MITER system, but it's apparently not available in metric thread. I would try to get ahold of them and see if they are making it. Otherwise, the Blackout 51t.
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