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For sale: MP5 SBR Clone

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This is a SBR clone of an MP5 made by Special Weapons. It is a cast stainless receiver model. I have machined it to accept the collapsing stock and machined down the 3-lug mount to take Silencerco 3-lug mounts. Comes with 4 curved mags and 4 straight. Of the curved 3 are POF and one HK, of the straight 2 are HK 2 are Asian imports. Includes A2 hand guard and stock, flashlight hand guard, and K grip with adapter, and the A3 collapsing stock. Also includes an MFI scope rail and single point bungee sling. The bolt carrier has been ground down to make it a semi auto bolt carrier and is ugly but the gun runs great. Barrel is missing a small portion of rifling inside the 3 lug, assuming someone welded the 3 lug on at some point. Accuracy is not affected by this and I get no end cap strikes on my 3 lug compatible suppressor. Gun runs good suppressed too.

If you are an Oregon resident we can do a standard Form 4 transfer.

Asking $1500 OBO for the package (Silencer and Optic not included)