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Hey all. I haven't been doing any new purchasing or upgrades for a while, but starting back up now.
I've been looking in to doing a Form 1 for a can. I'm sure everyone is pretty familiar with the "kits" that can be had these days, and the politics that may open up on the hearing protection act.
I've been talking with Mike there, says he can make an adapter that will hook my 3 lug mount to their kits. I bought a fake can a couple of years ago, because I was tired of interuptions at a certain range about my SBR. It is an excellent fit, and came with the 3 lug for my MP5.
I got this one... TWIST LOCK 6" OR 8", from Of course, the price was cheaper when I got mine.
Anyways...I like to get feedback from you here. Anyone file a form 1 since the election? What is the current wait time? Anyone know of any other options for a 3 lug-fit to kit?
Mike says he can make these pretty reasonable, but right now, I'm the only person he's come across looking for a 3 lug.
BTW, I live in a pretty friendly state. I also do some contract work here, along with volunteer, for tracking and guiding. Many friends in LE, and it was through them I was urged to update to a can. This option would cut my costs for a can in half. That's a respectable chunk..haha
Yer thoughts are appreciated
Kind regards
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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