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Found an SL8

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I have a lead on an SL8. This is one of the grey ones that looks like someone tried to darken the stock. I believe that the stock can be cleaned just not sure with what yet. The rifle has one mag and the sling and looks to be ok other than the stock. Asking price is 1k. Is it worth the investment to get it and clean it up? TIA

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If they tried to dye it the dye is probably sunk into the stock and you won't be able to just clean it.
You might, on the other hand, be able to dye the rest of it black.
Look in the 'hk reference library' section for a detailed writeup on how to dye them black.
I would say it is well worth 1k as long as it's in good condition.
But, I wouldn't count on being able to keep it grey.
I found a grey one for a great price a while back. I just did a rattle can desert camo job and came out fine. 1k is a good price.
I ordered mine through CDNN for an extra $400 shipped with a cheap scope mount and 20 round promag that I'll try to sell to recoup some cash. I think it would be worth the extra $ for a new rifle that you wouldn't have to dye. Not sure if they still have the sale but GB probably has some for about the same price.
For a couple hundred bucks more you can get a brand new SL8-6 on gunbroker and elsewhere.
Got one 2 weeks ago on GB for $1445 NIB. Shipped super fast. I would rather start with a fresh rifle for the price range we are talking. If you can fix the botched dye job, good for you. But I'd rather have a factory Hk black rifle than someone elses kinda-gray/black one... Good luck either way!
Some of the earlier ones had black forends, so it may be factory.
It looks like someone tried to darken it with a Sharpie. It is faded really bad. I would think it might come off with some alcohol and elbo grease.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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