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Found one !!!!: HK33, 93/ G3K Length OD Green Wide Forearm

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As the title says I am looking for a very good to excellent condition HK33, 93/ G3K length OD green wide forearm. I would like one of the POF ones that RTG had a while ago but I am interested in any that are in good condition. Let me know what you have.

Thanks in advance :biggrin:
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Come on guys surely someone here has an extra HK 93/G3K length, OD green, wide handguard.

I have had really good luck with POF and FMP OD green furniture matching. The German furniture is a little off but blends good enough. My buttstock and pistol grip is FMP. However I think I am going to get one of the OD green POF lowers for the rifle. So far the only thing I am having trouble finding is the wide forearm which seems crazy because I know RTG sold a ton of these. Surely someone out there has a spare one.

Let me know what you have and what you want for it.

Thanks in advance,

I will buy one or trade for it. I have a ton of HK parts and accessories I am planning on putting up for sale in the next few weeks including new 20rd mags, refinished 30rd mags, two sets of HK G3 wood furniture and a G3 22cal conversion kit.
I am still looking for one of these in very good to excellent condition. The make is not important German, POF, FMP and MKE are all fine. Please let me know what you have.

Thanks on advance,
I found one and am no longer looking. Thank you tcr39!
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