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FOUND: WTB HK P2000 LEM V2 .40

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Been looking for a while and can’t seem to find this one. If you have one and willing to part with it. Send me a message.
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This is not really what you are asking for, but none the less I am throwing it FYI.

RKS has LEM kits for P30/P2000. Not an HK kit, but all necessary parts are thrown in a sandwich bag:

Then another member has this for sale.

I have to mention that in stock for RKS means 2-3 weeks of "thinking", then one week traveling of the package.
That should also clear it if I have any secret affiliation with them. :cool:

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Always a great option. That’s what I did to my 9mm, but I always knew it wasn’t stock. So now I know I’m a little picky and that I like a firearm the way it came from the factory, but thanks for the recommendation. I’m sure if it was anyone but me, it would satisfy them.
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