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Hey all,

Thought I'd share my findings on this forum so others who are installing the Franklin BFSIII binary trigger pack in their HKs and clones have an idea of the options *currently* out there for selector levers.

My post below is more a comparison, though here's a link to a review on the CSM levers by @hkpsp:

I won't discuss the selector levers included by Franklin, as just about everyone avoids using those. This led me to discover two alternatives: Custom Smith Manufacturing (CSM) and Snow Co. (Spencer Snow out of Texas).

CSM levers (I opted for the non-painted version hoping I could better paint the line location)

Snow levers

Comparison of the fronts

Comparison of the backs

Lever face (notice the texturing/lines on each for better grip)

The Snow lever does have a small logo on the bottom of the right side lever

The CSM levers are completely opaque

The Snow levers are partially transparent (though not noticeable against the gun)

CSM levers mounted on SP5

Snow levers mounted on SP5

Both sets of levers when installed can rub up against the lower housing, and in order to prevent scuffing I cut out some spacers using bread tags. This gave me just enough space with both sets to remove any contact with the lower housing.

CSM Pros:
*Opaque black (closer to original ambi levers)
*Rougher texture gives better grip on levers

CSM Cons:
*Higher price ($43.50 shipped)
*Indicator lines do not align as well to pictograms
*No countersinking in levers (have to crank down screws or they sit above lever)
*Rougher texture on back may scuff up lower housings

Snow Pros:
*Cheaper price ($30 shipped)
*Indicator lines are much closer to pictograms
*Levers have countersinking (Franklin screws sit flush)
*Smoother texture reduces lower housing wear

Snow Cons:
*Bluish tint, noticeable under certain lighting conditions
*Shape isn't as identically shaped to ambi levers as the CSM levers are

I originally bought the CSM levers to replace my Franklin levers, but I was still unhappy due to how poorly they aligned (some of my shooting buddies had trouble telling if they were on SAFE or FIRE). While the blue color of the Snow Co levers doesn't match my SP5, I'm much happier with their alignment to each pictogram and will keep this set on my gun. In most conditions if I'm not looking hard at the levers, I don't notice the bluish tint either. If the CSM levers were better designed (closer indicator alignment, countersinking for screws) and didn't cost nearly $20 more than the Snow levers, I would be 100% a CSM backer. Snow is a hobbyist and his selector levers are better thought out, he just doesn't own a six-figure 3D printer like CSM.


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Met the CSM guy-great guy-seemed genuinely interested in improving his products, not sure if he’s on here but hopefully makes those updates. Thanks for the review!
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