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I sold my Mark 23 here a few months ago. I loved the gun and the grip size was great for me, just blocky. The gun was just too massive overall. It seemed comical, really, when I held it.

I picked up an HK45 yesterday and have only put 100 rounds through it, but, here's a report.

I like the "styling" and the grip angle is nice but the grip does feel too "small" in my hand. I'm going to swap the backstrap to see if that makes a "feel" difference.

There's red paint/marking on top of the extractor. I guess that's so you can tell instantly if it's stuck out??

Significantly more recoil compared with the 23 using the same ammo. I would imagine it's partially because the HK45 is about half a pound lighter. Same thing with muzzle jump... much more with the new gun.

The only little thing I don't care for yet is the safety/decocker. It's made of polymer or plastic (at least the thumb part is) and when I use it as a decocker it feels like I could just snap it off. I doubt I can of course, but still. Maybe someone will machine some metal ones at some point. :)

Accuracy... the lack of accuracy certainly isn't the gun's fault. ;) I did shoot the 23 better though. More practice is needed I'm sure.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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