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Hasseled by Airlines?

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Frontier Airlines

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Ok, So yesterday I flew from Vegas to Denver on Frontier Yesterday. (I'm from Colorado but stationed in California) As usual, I checked my USPc in my baggage, expecting to be taken to a closed off, "super secret" x-ray machine to have the case and all my bags scanned...but THIS time the attendant at the counter just had me open my case up and show him my handgun right there in front of everyone! (I'm surprised that there were no gasps and screams of fear. It's retarded that sometimes I feel like a terrorist in a country that I've bled for.) Interesting...

I would like to know, for those of you who have traveled with firearms, how your experiences have been and with which carrier you've flown with.

Frontier is a Colorado company and I've always flown with them. I really like them for their "we won't submit to the liberal anti-gun policies".

Sometimes I feel like a criminal, upholding my second amendment rights...strange.
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Oh, and here's a comment made to me by the TSA guy there...he said that if I were going to lock the case, it had to have a TSA-approved lock. When I asked him what that was, he said it was a lock that allowed TSA employees to open the lock without knowing the code, via a special key. Yeah, I'm going to trust random individuals to go rifling through my luggage. It's Masterlock for me and my gun luggage.
Not only is locking your gun luggage with a TSA lock not a good idea, it's illegal. Federal regs require that firearms be placed in a locked, hard sided container, to which only the owner (i.e. you) has the key or combination.

I've found it helpful to print out a copy of the TSA and airline rules and regs for flying with guns to show the dimwits at check-in.
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