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New TT Gunleather Elite DDOS snap removable holster for HK P7M8/13, chestnut brown with black shark, right handed, 1.5 loops. Comes with single matching snap on mag pouches for both the M8 & M13. $260 for entire set. I will not break this up. Definitely one of the nicest combos for the M8/13 I have seen!

New Garrity 2-C-1 for HK P7/PSP, black with black lizard trim (Pic of exact holster is on Garrity’s Website), right handed, 1.5 $145

New Raven kydex OWB for P7/PSP, tan, right handed, 1.5 loops, $60

Alessi Scabbard for HK USP 40c, black, right handed, 1.5 loops, $50
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