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I'm packaging up a lot of things in this post. As a package the individual values easily exceed the overall price of the kit, but I've got a lot of things moving right now and this just sits in a box. Here we go:
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Special Weapons Inc., SW94 9mm MP5K clone with NEW factory H&K MP5K bolt carrier group from Adam @ HKParts.

This SW94 comes with a couple of accessories, as pictured: there are two factory USED MP5K bolt carrier groups, an HK vertical fore grip, and an HK folding butt stock. In addition, I am including the Aimpoint T2 sight with BOBRO QD base and B&T claw mount.
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SW94 will come with 8 HK MP5 magazines and 4 HK mag clamps. There are four mags and two clamps pictured: you will get 8 mags and four clamps.

The SALE includes the HK USP TACTICAL .45, with tan HK bag and 8 HK magazines. At least three of the magazines are 12rd, the remaining five are 10rd. All mags are factory HK mags. The USP is fitted with the HK threaded barrel and the upgraded Bambi safety/decocker. The pistol comes in the TAN HK pistol bag.
Firearm Gun Trigger Airsoft gun Air gun

The SALE includes an original HK Operational Briefcase. The briefcase is currently in a safe, but it is genuine and original, including the un-shot plastic shroud cap. The handle safety and trigger functions as it should. I will be uploading pictures of the case next week when I am back on the east coast. These cases are getting harder and harder to find. For the ONE of you on the internet that has never seen one, I am including a FILE PHOTO for reference. I will add pics of the case next week when I get back east.
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$6,500, plus shipping, from my FFL to yours. Payment by PayPal "Send Money To Friends And Family" option, wire transfer, or by Cashier's Check issued from the following banks: Bank of America, Chase, Citibank, US Bank or Wells Fargo Bank. Payment by USPS Money Orders is also acceptable.

PM'a here or email [email protected]. Gun is for sale locally as well.
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