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Full Auto Usage of MM11 or HK11's in general

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Would be interested in a discussion on how the 11's work on full auto, in particular compared to the G3 which I have experience with. And as always appreciate photos and videos, including with optics.

At the moment shopping for 2012 and thinking that instead of finishing the NFA upgrade of one of the German HK91s that might just go with a MM11 instead, maybe with an optics rail. Cost is only a little higher (nominal grand more or less) once one factors in a heavier buffer, HK21 stock, bipod etc. for the HK91. Plus the MM11 should be a nicer sear host in the long run. I started shooting full auto HK91s and post sample G3s years ago (first NFA was a sear for the HK91, but never fired a second mag, as always had friends full auto G3s at shoots, until recently) and my first HK91 ended up with a PSG trigger pack, scope and MSG90A1 stock. Thus I am thing in the long run would be best to for shooting full auto with the MM11 than a minty HK91, as the MM11 is heavier and faster to change barrels by at least a week and case of beer (what my last barrel change cost ;-). Lastly the poor HK91 which would end up moving to some collectors safe (a fate worst than death) to help fund the project ... or remain one of the semi's (nearly as bad as being owned by a collector ;-).

Of course the other option is the 308 belt kit for the MM23eK ;-)


YouTube of MM11K in action: VID00001.MP4 - YouTube
YouTube of MM11 with Drum: HK11 (MM11) Dump - YouTube
Adams Listing of MM11 Michaels Machines MM11 - HKPARTS.NET

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