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So today at work, a guy I know comes in with a few full auto guns. A Colt AR-15 9mm, & a V51P. I have a 51 in semi, & it's a blast to shoot. So I first shoot his 9mm gun, & it's a blast & easy to empty a mag in a few seconds. The V51P was brutal, & I would only shoot short bursts of 8 or 10 rounds at a time. It had a buttstock but was still insane. I had to hold onto the mag as the front handguard was too hot to hold. I used thermold mags, & had no problem. While it was fun, should I ever get a full auto gun, it won't be a 308. GARY N4KVE
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I parted with my V51P because it was brutal enough with the A2 stock, f/a, that I just wouldn't shoot it that much. She sure ran like a sewing machine. I also had a V53P that was much nicer to run but in the end I went for the V53K which is real easy to hold down with that short 5" barrel. It's a favorite!
sorry yo hear about your experience with a 51p. i have a 51p with an ace folding stock and while it is not recommended for a novice shooter it is by no means brutal or unable to be controlled. i reailly don't ever run the gun in semi except to familiarize a new shooter with what to expect. the gun with a .22 conversion is a must have .i also have one of the practice ammo bolts and ammo in 308 and it eats it up also. iif the gun is so difficult to shoot i would check the headspace and the locking piece as if these are not in proper specs it can cause the gun to recoil beyond waht it has to. the 308 is a rifle cartridge even in a short barrel and therefore does generate alot of heat;use a pistol grip and there is no heat problem.i do 50 rnd drum dumps and still hold on to my handguard so i don't understand 10hot rnds.
Well the guy who owns the gun quickly emptied a 140 rd SA battle pack, & then handed me the gun & said "have fun". So yes, it was hot. He also had a metal rail as a front handguard. He told me yesterday he was going to bring it today, & I was going to ask if we could use my gun with his trigger pack, but I figured I'd have to clean my gun, so I figured I'd just use his gun. I don't know what his headspace is, but mine is .017". It was fun, but brutal. GARY N4KVE
While I'm not going to comment on the V51P as I do not know how they set it up, but after a little more "tuning" I have gotten the D51P to recoil just a tad more than a 53. With a slightly hotter load, it will even run with a standard G3 locking-piece which really tames it.
I have a 51P it's an interesting gun. Well I don't shoot her very much, that's mostly because of the pain it induces. You need some extra heavy duty hearing protection and while you're at it, you also need some extra heavy duty padding for your head because the percussion it puts off is pretty incredibly intense. But if I were to grab a gun to start shooting at something solid, it would be at the top of the list. That thing would turn a car in the Swiss cheese in a moment. I don't think anybody would want to go up against it in a real hostile gunfight because it's incredibly loud and incredibly ruthless. It creates its own version of shock and awe without having to use anything else. Maximum intimidation is probably an important factor in getting others to back off and I think the 51P would do that quite well.
yea 140 rnds will heat her up a bit but the pistol grip will take care of that. the stock that is on the gun helps or hinders not only control but recoil as well. i would not trade the ace folders on my 53p and 51p for anything that hk makes. unfortunately most guys and even alot of builders have a goal to get a gun running and keep it running but therer is alot more involved especially in a machinegun. just like chopstix kid says you can get a gun running only or you can make it shootable and enjoyable. rdts did my 51and i have not seen another one thati would trade i for. most shooters only shoot a gun for fun which in itself is not bad but to be proficient especially with a rifle caliber machinegun it takes a lot of time with correct practice and alot of money in the form of ammo. don't sell the 51 short. have one of the hk masters set it up shooting and not just running and then work to get good with it. when i shoot the 53p or the 51p without a suppressor i always use plugs and muffs together.
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You should try standing right behind and off to the side for 2000rd. over a couple of days with a 51K.
You should try standing right behind and off to the side for 2000rd. over a couple of days with a 51K.
Directly behind it (as in shooting it) isn't so bad. I won't say the same about standing to either side tho'. My Vollmer 51 is especially rude to bystanders... but for people directly behind me, it's just a great show. And I've been shooting, using and letting others shoot this thing over the course of a 3 day shoot for better than 22 years now. In that time you kinda learn where to stand when letting somebody else rock the line.
shattered -it is a shame that more machinegunners don't know the real joy of owning a machinegun ; letting others experience what they will most likely never get to do again; hold, smell, feel , hear , and shoot a real machinegun ; but something that once they have done it will never be forgotten . taking the time to teach them how to properly hold , shoot and keep under control before they ever fire a shot. letting them know it is all about the trigger finger and that the gun can't do anything that that finger doesn't give permission. i always teach them bursts not dumps for everyones protection, and i always start them out with a few rnds on semi to familiarize them with what the gun is going to do. if i can i always start them out with .22 f/a before moving up in caliber. i also have them wear double protection as i want them to focus on shooting the gun not distracted or hurting from the noise. it's amazing how many love to shoot the gun when they find out that though it has a big bark if you handle the dog right it won't bite. for those that think they want to stand to the side of the gun while it is being shot i warn them but don't stop them if they really want to go deaf however i try to protect kids from stupid parents and girls from ignorant boyfriends by insisting that they move back behind.
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Good advice...

Of course most of you remember the story I told years ago about a local Swat team and a firepower demo I attended. Never saw cops move that fast unless a bearclaw was calling...
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