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Full size HK45 mag extensions time line?

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this link is to the HK45c 2 round mag extension. I get that, however within the link this is stated: "All of the HK .45 cal mags will soon have a variety of mag extensions! More to come."

I have been using another +3 extension (loaded to +2) full size extensions for quite a while. And while they have functioned flawlessly for me, I have been concerned of over insertion issues. I don't slam mag's home when reloading, and being aware of the potential issue I make certain I don't slam my mags in. However, I'd still prefer to have a mag extension machined to fit flush/snug to the mag well to physically prevent over insertion. I have spoken with the other company in the past, however designing and making an extension that addresses this issue in the full size HK45, creates an extension that is not backward compatible to the HK45c. They were not interested in having 2 separate HK45/HK45c extensions.

Now the way I read the HKParts statement (above), there will be an extension for the full size magazine. based on the way the HK45c mag extension is fitted to the mag well of the HK45c, physically preventing over insertion. I am assuming the full size with be machined to similarly fit flush with the full size HK45 mag well, preventing the dreaded over insertion.

All of that leads to this question. Does anyone have any info pertaining to a time line for the full size magazines?

For those not aware, some members found out the hard way about magazine over insertion the hard way. Basically, the base plate of your magazine acts as a physical barrier/stopper, preventing the back spine of the magazine from coming into physical contact with the ejector. The ejector is molded into the polymer frame. Some users found that repeated forcefully seating magazines with extensions that do not physically contact the base of the mag at full insertion, physically stopping the magazine, resulted in bent or damaged ejectors. As I understand it, HK CS was able to repair the damaged/bent ejectors, but I'd prefer to avoid the issue all together. It is my belief, solely based on what was explained in the posts about this issue and what I have observed as a firearms instructor for many years, the forceful mag insertion that caused the damage to the ejector was the result of trying to make the slide close upon mag insertion automatically, rather than using the slide release or other proven methods of sending the slide forward. With a standard magazine, the base plate physically prevents the damage, thus when the base of the mag is hit hard enough, the slide "often" automatically goes forward. An extension that is machined to flush fit the base of the mag well would also physically prevent the ejector damage.


PS: before someone says it. I have reached out the HKParts. that is all I am going to say about it. simply put, I'm asking if anyone here is in the know.
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I know there is someone on here in the know
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is there no one who has some insider info on these?
PM leprechaun0311 He might know, he has a line to HK..
thank you
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