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Hello and good to be here asking for some help and opinions please.

My buddy let me shoot his MP5 Clone the other day and WOW, what a grin factor that little guy can put on your face! The 9mm is simply a joy to shoot and handle. To me it's so much more fun than a range day with an AR mainly due to the muzzle blast/pressure from the AR and the overall handling of the MP5.

Now I would like to ask you all, do the G93/PTR91 and long gun variants in .308 give the same fun factor in a long rifle, or is it a significant difference in the experience. The roller locking delayed 'push' and all vs say shooting an M1 Garand (the Garand is always a smiling gun, but the weight and recoil kinda get old after a while).

Just wondering what to dream about
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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