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ADD ANOTHER $100 to the pot from heheheyoshi - THANKS DAN!

I am very pleased to announce that the fund raising total for Boulder Crest Retreat for our wounded warriors through HK Pro, the 2016 Day with HK event, corporate and individual donations and race signups through the Loudoun 10K Trail Race have exceeded $40,000! (and funds are still coming in). This is a new record (2015's total was $35K), thanks to those below who have made very generous donations to the cause and corporate sponsors like HK, FN, SIG Sauer, LRWCI, Black Hills Ammo and others - please remember them when you are buying those Christmas gifts! The HKPro donations amounted to over $30,000 alone! Well done gentlemen!

Here is the list of HKPro members who donated this year.
1. paul123
2. 11CABN
3. DAN11
4. BeachBum
5. Leperchuan0311 (donated $10,000 for 4 slots!) 
6. Leperchuan0311 (slot # 2)
7. Leperchuan0311 (slot # 3)
8. Leperchuan0311 (slot # 4)
9. Brn2xl - ($7000!) 
10. PSG1 Nut
11. RegularGuy461969
12. Shrpshooter
13. Clay
14. chuckster
16. SudS
17. jdonovan
18. Player To Be Named
19. Brad4065
20. Brad4065's son Jax
21. bystok
22. M0S95B
23. Nsheers
24. Klaustrophobia
25. M995

Donations w/o attending (attaining near GOD-like Status!):
26. BitterOldMan
27. Marine0303
28. M1357
29. heheheyoshi

For those attending the 2016 Day with HK event, look for an email confirming details later today.

MANY THANKS to all you have participated!

If you still would like to donate to the cause, plenty of time for that.
Just PM me with details.

You guys are making a difference for those who have sacrificed much for our liberties and freedoms here in this great country and abroad.

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