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Funnel Jet

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Hello everyone.....I`ve owned a HK USP for a long time but it was a safe queen and I never shot it...all has changed and I will be shooting it now....Question... I have read some about this "funnel jet" you can install on the USP and I`m interested in purchasing one but don`t know all the details. Do I have to buy all new magazines with the funnel jet or can I use the stock ones and modify them to work, I have 3 mags and I now see that the USP mags are relatively expensive.

Is there any modification I need to make or is it a drop in part...I`m guessing it has the same idea behind it as does my custom 1911 mag wells have...faster/easier mag insertion...Jim
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What caliber do you have? Jet Funnels only work on USP 9mm and 40 S&W.They are easy to install but you need to use Jet Funnel mags.Or remove the screw and lower plate and use your factory mags.
The jet funnel is a quick drop in mag well. No modifications are needed to use it. You can find one here...


With the jet funnel installed you can not use the stock mags and modifying them to work in the jet funnel would be more expensive than buying jet funnel magazines (and would be a major pain)

The mags you will need are either...

9mm - USP Jet funnel Mags | Jetfunnel - HKPARTS.NET
40 S&W - USP 40 S&W Expert 16 Round Magazine - HKPARTS.NET

There is no jet funnel magazines for the .45 and I'm not even sure the kit itself would be able to be installed. I'm not sure if these are the best prices for these things, I just went to where I knew I could find them. Hope this was helpful.
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Thanks guys I have a 9mm........Well it looks to be approx. $300 mod with 3 mags...hum I don`t do any tactical comp. it will just be for the range so I may spend the money on optics....I`ll see...but thanks for answering my question...Jim
If you go into WTS Parts and Access thread you will find Jet Funnel Kits right around $60. LAHILLJACK and HKPROFAN both have kits for sale right around that price. Also Ebay has one right now for 53.99+shipping. You can usually find decent deals on "bundles" of Jet Funnel mags. HKPROFAN has a deal in the WTS section buy 2 mags and a kit get free shipping. not to bad really.
Otherwise just stack up on Regular HiCap mags. I have 3 for sale at the moment if you would like them.
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