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I need a sight for my G28 conversion. I notice that HK has the 2mm on sale and I would like to know what difference the 2mm and 3mm sights make. Any help is greatly appreciated.
i have both - the 2mm on my mr308 a3-28 and the 3mm on the mr223 a3 -

the 3mm on the mr223 does work for me eyes but the 2mm is to narrow for me - i changed to diopter sights (smallest one is 3mm) on the mr308 because of this - we have a 300meter indoor range and i could not shoot the 2mm because it was to dark for my eyes and i could not focus on the front sight - maybe outdoors in sunshine it's better but you can't shoot non-army 308. semi-autos here on many open ranges so i have no experience about that - just indoors

if you really want to shoot with irons i would get the diopter sight and the fixed front sight - in my opinion they are much more comfortable to shoot

if you want the folding sights i personally would take the 3mm if you do have problems with focusing - that's my experience with the sights - i don't like the folding hk sights but i really really love the hk diopter sights (we use similar diopter ones on our swiss 55x variants) and they work perfectly
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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