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not 100% sure what this is here exactly.

It appears to be chrome lined. I cant seem to find any barrels for sale online with the same journal/pattern as this one. It doesn't really have any visable markings, and it has a "texture" thats kindof difficult to describe, but its almost like an extremely fine "ribbed" feeling to it, if you drag you nail down it you can feel it. If I had a better camera I could maybe get a decent close up.

The two barrels on top in the photo's are CETME barrels (I think original spanish barrels), those are all I have on hand for comparison.

Would this be a G3 pattern barrel?, and might that extra reduced journal area/diameter in front of where the front sight goes be for a bipod maybe? It is a big longer and bit smaller in diameter than the CETME barrel in that area.

Pardon my ignorance, im new to these. Will be taking a whack at them soon, just have a lot more reading to do and have to pick up the shelf and the other little weld parts.

After looking at ones available for sale on a few websites and not seeing any that were like this one, I did find this;

Barrel, H&K G3, .308 drop-in. For Sale at - 7960380

An old auction listing from 10 years ago.

"Barrel, H&K G3, .308 drop-in. Original contract barrel from England, when they had the contract."

pic from listing;

This appears to have the same journals/profiles as my oddball barrel here, But I would imagine those would have proof marks and such if they were a military contract barrel?.

Thanks in advance for any info.
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