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g36 4 inch flash hider

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is this a good idea on the g36? does the rifle look retarded with this huge flash hider? or does it look alright? can someone please give me some thoughts on this. i have my sl8 and my k kit i just want to know will i want to saw this thing off when i get it or not? thanks all.
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aaahhhh troy makes good sights. the oda guys here use troy flip ups and they love them! thanks for the input i appreciate it :)
Yes, they are good. They are perfect replicas of the guy's that he used to work for. So good, in fact that he was successfully sued in court for copyright infringement. I heard they settled for something close to a cool mil. I know Steve Troy personally. He is a member of my gun club in CT. He used to be a paramedic back in the day. No money in that.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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